Our Team Approach

Our team is lead by Director Patricia Neil, a dedicated and committed professional with extensive knowledge and experience of Looked After Children,  Young People and Adults with moderate learning difficulties.  Under her leadership, Homescope staff take a holistic approach and identify all the issues and barriers for individuals in their care – health, education, employment and housing etc. The team’s objectives are to understand, learn and create change where change is needed in the interests of all the people we care for.

Homescope has developed an objective, focused model for risk assessment, risk management and outcome setting, that is evidenced by regular reports for commissioning agencies.  The process keeps the people we care for at the heart of the process, but ensures that they are supported to make genuine progress during their time with us.

Our Staff Policy

We value all our staff and their individual skills, abilities and strengths. Our commitment is to develop these and to build strong, committed teams of carers. Our staff come from a range of related backgrounds and are supervised by an experienced and qualified management team.

As practitioners we;

  • Take a pro-active approach to anti-oppressive working practices and we would challenge any adversities to this
  • Are committed to Equal Opportunites and to cohesive working conditions
  • Are trained and regularly supervised

Working for Homescope

Homescope welcomes approaches from qualified and committed individuals who would like to work with us and care for vulnerable young people.

In the first instance, if you have an interest, please contact us.