A service designed for you…

We are a service designed to help young people to gain the skills they will need to live alone. This can be an exciting but worrying time for you. You may need some help and support before you go it alone. Homescope will provide accommodation and support for you to do this.

How can we help you?

  • We will identify which of our semi-independent houses are available and will suit your needs.
  • The house will always be of a very good standard and will be furnished to a high standard.
  • You will have a named resettlement worker to plan your support package with you.
  • Support can be both practical and emotional.
  • You will have  24hr support on site so that you will never need to feel frightened or isolated.
  • You will receive regular support and guidance to suit your needs.
  • You will always be treated with respect and your views and opinions will be valued.

Your commitment:

A successful placement with Homescope will also require a big commitment from you!  You will be asked to enter into an agreement, which outlines some of the requirements of the placement. You will be asked to look at your needs, to identify areas that need to be worked on and then work on those with your supporting worker, so that we can help you to achieve and reach independence

Note! We will not recommend your “move on” unless we feel that you have worked with us and are ready for that move. This is to give you the best start in your adult life.