Intensive Support – ’16 – 18′
This service is appropriate for: Single young people aged 16-18 years, who are leaving care and who are in need of close support to enable them to achieve independence.

Shared occupancy, small group homes staffed 24/7 by one worker per shift, with a maximum of 3 young people living in the Group Home. Each young person has their own bedroom and access to shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Referral Bodies
Children’s Services, other agencies and professionals.

Application Procedure for Support Packages

Initial referrals are anonymised and come through electronically as encoded emails;

  1. We decide if the referral is appropriate for us and if we can meet the young person’s needs, we would express an interest in the placement request.
  2. An individual Placement Agreement would be reached with the Local Authority.
  3. A placement/Planning meeting would be convened with presence of ourselves, the young person, the social worker and any other appropriate adult.